Sergio Rosengaus Leizgold

Sergio Rosengaus Leizgold

What got me involved with Endeavor initially is the same reason that keeps me moving forward every day: the spirit and the will to innovate and go beyond following an idea by doing everything to make it happen. In my case, it was due to the trust and faith of investors and partners what allowed me to build a company that is placing Mexico on the map of IT solutions. I’ve committed to paying it forward, by helping other entrepreneurs on their path to innovation.

There is a growing entrepreneurial spirit in Mexico. Every day more young people follow the itch of disrupting business as usual and lose the fear to jump into the start-up ecosystem; that is my motivation not only to remain involved but to make sure that the lessons I’ve obtained through my experience as an entrepreneur myself become shared knowledge in order to help these kids transform our society in a positive way.

It is an experience that has given me more than I could ever give back. I truly believe that the entrepreneurial community has an important role in the growth and the future of our country, not only because they contribute to the economic acceleration, but due to the fact that they are creating the services and products of the future.

In my time with Endeavor, I have seen projects that are going to evolve their industries and have a high social impact, whether it is a robotic solution that helps people with motor disabilities to recover mobility or a Fintech platform that allows people to get into the banking system for the first time. That is the relevance of what is happening here, people changing the lives of other people, using technology and growing with their idea.

When I created my company KIO Networks I committed myself to the growth of my country and the development of its talent. Endeavor is a place where I can continue with that commitment and feel inspired by the new generation’s drive and perspective. At the end of the day, I’m learning as well from every project and entrepreneur I talk to.

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