Sebastian Valin

Sebastian Valin

In 2009, right after raising my first round of funding from Angel Investors, I rented an office in the Marriot Hotel to start ComparaOnline. On my first day of work, equipped with a chair and desk I brought from home, my only goal was to get wifi installed in my new office. Out of boredom, I ended up wandering around to visit my neighboring offices. One of them was Endeavor.

I did not know much about Endeavor back then, so I went up to them and presented myself ingenuously. I told them I was working on ComparaOnline, a platform to sell insurance in a completely new way with a bold dream to make the financial industry in Latin America more transparent. The office director’s (Chris Boada) astonishment was so great that he requested to see my office. So, I took him to an empty office, with no people nor desks, and I told him about everything I was planning on doing in the next two years, written down in an 80-page business plan. Chris, obviously skeptical, nearly laughed off my plan and said: “If you actually do what you plan on in the next two years, come and see me again.” From then on, when we would bump into each other in the elevator, I would update him on the progress of my venture. When we had eventually built a large enough business, we joined the Endeavor network.

I am still very much involved with Endeavor today as I have built great friendships through the network and I continue to learn from the excellent mentors it provides. It is also invigorating to see new entrepreneurs entering the network, and every time I go to an Endeavor event, I return energized and full of new ideas. Every time I go to an Endeavor event, I always question if it is really valuable for ComparaOnline and our objectives. Over time, I have realized that it most certainly is and that Endeavor has impacted what we have built in many ways. Most importantly though, when I connect the dots, I realize that most of the people that have influenced CO positively, including almost all of our investors, appeared thanks to Endeavor. It is a true honor to be part of such a powerful network and be able to interact with a broad and interesting array of people.

It has been one of the most significant opportunities for ComparaOnline to continue opening new doors. In turn, I also feel a responsibility to give back as soon as ComparaOnline is sufficiently relevant to make a difference for other entrepreneurs. I hope Endeavor successfully reaches its goal to have an active presence in most countries in the world. I believe that in 20 years from now, at least a few of the new Google’s and Facebook’s of the world will come from within the Endeavor network.

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