Mauro Mezzano

Mauro Mezzano

In 2008 my company Vantaz decided to apply to Endeavor, largely encouraged by the powerful entrepreneurship network they had formed in Chile and across the globe, but also, and maybe more importantly, shared values. Unfortunately, we did not pass the international selection panel. It was frustrating, but we knew we could make a contribution using our experience to those just starting to walk the entrepreneurship path and how much we could receive in turn, so we decided to swallow our pride and to continue our relationship with Endeavor as mentors.

Now, I can say it was a great decision. Setbacks are nothing but a part of the process, and as such, you need to embrace them as a learning experience and move on. Surely, we have received as much or even more than what we have shared. Endeavor and its philosophy have pushed and encouraged us to make two huge decisions, which have marked Vantaz’s story. On one hand, we focused ourselves. We stopped being generic consultants and defined ourselves to become mining industry consultants. Since then, we have focused on building mastery and knowledge of processes, market, and industry, allowing us to be closer to our customer. On the other hand, inspired by Endeavor’s global mindset, we took the leap and went international. Now, we can be proud and say Vantaz is a global consulting company specialized in the mining industry.

At the beginning of my involvement, I joined the Endeavor Chile board in Atacama, and from there, we started supporting entrepreneurs from Antofagasta and Iquique who worked in industries related to mining. What started locally, has continued growing. Today, Vantaz along with Endeavor and the Industrial Development Corporation created and conducted the Program for Capacity Leveling for Internationalization of METS Companies (Mining, Equipment, Technology, and Services). We began with one industry tour in 2015, already scheduled a second in 2017, and are preparing a third one. In each of them, an average of 20 Chilean entrepreneurs related in one way or another to Endeavor has participated.

In short, Endeavor has been for us a constant give-and-take, which speaks to the commitment among those within this entrepreneurship ecosystem, and the importance of the networks it provides. For us, entrepreneurs, networking is much more than just business opportunities, it is experience, coaching, and support.

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