Mariquel Waingarten

Mariquel Waingarten

When we looked to join Endeavor, we did so with consideration of Endeavor’s vast global connections and mentoring. We knew they could connect us with the right people in each market we were looking to open or develop.

Before opening new markets in LATAM, we were able to speak with local entrepreneurs, PR firms, investors, creative agencies, etc to help us set up a plan and better understand the market. To this day, we find it to be a very useful and helpful for us. We will continue to be involved as we grow, not only to benefit ourselves, but also to serve as a catalyst of improvement for other entrepreneurs.

Endeavor has opened its arms to us by connecting us with local entrepreneurs, PR firms, investors, creative agencies, and more. These connections have lead to the establishment of new markets and the further development of existing markets. Endeavor has also established connections with important brands such as Diane von Furstenberg and Melissa Shoes, which we ended up collaborating with.

Being an entrepreneur often means you’re on your own. But with Endeavor, you have a family at your back ready to help if you ever need it. We hope Endeavor keeps giving this help to promising entrepreneurs and ideas for the foreseeable future. We hope Endeavor continues to develop a world economy that provides hope for anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur.

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