Kyle Green

Kyle Green

My desire to be an entrepreneur was cemented when I met David Jones, Sr. (founder of Humana) when I was in graduate school. When I learned about his successes and how generous and impactful he had been in Louisville and globally, I knew I wanted to be a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist.

I met a humanitarian group that was getting surplus healthcare inventory (supplies and equipment) from hospitals, distributors, and manufacturers. They had planned to raise money to start an Asset Management company. They ended up not raising the money and I learned that the market needed a solution, but one that was delivered in a new way. Healthcare Asset Network was born.

From the first time I heard about Endeavor, I knew it was a great fit for me. Social entrepreneurship has so much meaning in just two words. Literally changing the world for the better and doing that through developing a team that dreams big and gives back is an incredible way to spend a career.

Endeavor has such a confidence-inspiring aura that you expand your mindset, even if you already ‘thought big’ before. Believing that you and your team can be the best and biggest in the world, and do it in a responsible way, is a very empowering and liberating feeling that permeates through your team and your customers.

With Healthcare Asset Network, I think I’ve helped to develop a place where people can do their best work at our company – they are valued, trusted, stretched, and given the tools they need to do their jobs well. From a community perspective, our company has stimulated more excitement and energy for entrepreneurship in Louisville. I’ve also been fortunate to be on several boards of non-profits who are positively impacting the community every day.

I’d like for our company to lead the next generation of healthcare companies in our community. We will be the pioneer for a new class of healthcare technology driven or enabled businesses that touch every corner of the globe, but are based in Louisville. I would like for us to hire people in Louisville, and attract many others from outside of Louisville, who value service and dream big about how Louisville can continue to evolve, while retaining its character and extremely high quality of life.

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