Joaqui­n de Aubeyzon

Joaqui­n de Aubeyzon

Really I didn’t know of Endeavor before getting involved with the organization. I had a short interview with the managing director of the Peru office, and I just bought the story she told me! I was working in investment banking at the time and was really looking for a change. Entrepreneurship, high-impact, job creation, global network — everything sounded to good to be true!

After more than three years I am still a believer of the true commitment Endeavor holds: developing high-impact entrepreneurship across the world (in both Peru and Spain where I’ve worked, the same philosophy is transmitted). Endeavor is here to find leaders who inspire others, foster entrepreneurship, generate value to companies and have an impact on thousands of people. On a personal level, Endeavor transformed my professional career. I found a place where my work is fascinating and driven by purpose. Since I joined the organization I have had the chance to work with top-notch entrepreneurs, interact with some of the brightest and smartest people from the business world, and have meaningful conversations with people from all around the world.

Some of my most defining Endeavor moments have happened during International Selection Panels. I’ve even seen financing rounds being successfully raised at deliberations! Though the best Endeavor moments are not as theatrical as one may think, receiving a thank-you email from an entrepreneur after a year of services, acknowledging how much impact has Endeavor had on his or her company is one of the most rewarding parts of the job and what gives me the drive to keep on working for this wonderful organization.

If it weren’t by the quality of its people — throughout — Endeavor would not be where it stands at present. As an organization, it has proved first-hand that high-impact entrepreneurship transforms people’s lives.


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