Jasen Ko

Jasen Ko

I believe that entrepreneurs can impact lives for the better. I believe in the dignity of work vs giving dole outs. That providing work and growth opportunities (personal and skill) is both rewarding and society-building. If being involved in Endeavor can move the countries GDP by 1%, I think that’s impact.

Endeavor has impacted me by connecting me with like-minded people. They’ve helped me grow and build on my thoughts. Endeavor also allows me an opportunity to give and to share.

With Endeavor, I feel like I’m part of something bigger, that I have learning opportunities and giving opportunities. I believe each member of the endeavor network has something to offer. There’s something we can learn from each other. Endeavor being global opens up learning and giving opportunities cross border and cross cultural. People come in with a notion to give and to share. That’s powerful.

One of my favorite moments is when my son who interned with Endeavor Philippines over the summer came home from work and shared with me that he understands and resonates the power of giving. I think that’s Priceless.

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