Idriss Al Rifai

Idriss Al Rifai

Having an impact means not only creating business value for your organization but really creating value that transcends your industry. It means doing things differently and bringing about a change in an industry that has been waiting for disruption to turn things around and benefit the end customer.
With my company Fetchr, my vision is to have an impact across emerging markets and change the way customers living in countries with no street addresses and postal systems receive their packages.

To me, “impact” also means creating jobs and making sure these jobs are sustainable. We have more than 2,000 families relying now on Fetchr as a place to work and work. We understand the huge pressure we have in making sure that people can not only offer a decent living to their families but also relate to what we do and be proud of something bigger.

As an entrepreneur, I proud of how much Fetchr has accomplished in such a short period of time. From being a local, home-grown startup in UAE, to now being present in six countries across MENA, it has been quite a ride. We were also the first start-up in the Middle East to receive funding from a top Silicon Valley VC, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and I believe this really put the MENA region on the map for investors from outside the region. Suddenly people were taking note of what can be accomplished in this market with the right type of backing.

Endeavor has been a great support system from day one. As an entrepreneur, I have grown through the mentorship opportunities and the discussions I have had with such a talented pool of entrepreneurs. My perception on what real impact means has evolved with Endeavor—it is really all about running your company to achieve growth that is sustainable and scalable across markets, as well as empowering your people to turn into leaders of the organization.


Photo by Kieran Kesner for Endeavor

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