Elie Habib & Eddy Maroun

Elie Habib & Eddy Maroun

On a ski trip in 2010, Eddy Maroun wanted to listen to music on the slopes. So, like everyone else at the time, he bought CDs and uploaded the music to his iPod. But he knew there was a more efficient way. After running the idea for a streaming service by his friend and colleague, Elie Habib, the two quit their jobs to pursue a solution.

Today, Anghami is not only the leading digital music service in the Middle East—featuring licensed content from leading Arabic record labels, as well as major international labels, such as Universal, Sony, and Warner—but is also the biggest homegrown mobile business in the region. Anghami’s 5 million active listeners can pick songs from more than 20 million Arabic and international tracks. On average listeners stream 500 million songs per month.

Selected in 2013, Eddy and Elie have turned to Endeavor as Anghami has grown, meeting with various mentors as their needs changed, attending the Scaling Entrepreneurial Ventures program at Harvard, bringing Endeavor Catalyst into their 2016 fundraising round, and, with their success, paying it forward to earlier stage entrepreneurs by becoming mentors themselves.

Of Endeavor’s value to Anghami and the local ecosystem, Elie reflected: “We’re in the Middle East, we’re not in the Bay Area. Anything creates more impact over there, because of the need.”


Photo by Kieran Kesner for Endeavor

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