Eduardo Elsztain

Eduardo Elsztain

In our first meeting with Linda two decades ago — when Endeavor was still a concept only — she approached us asking for a support level which, back then, was many times above our capacity. My instant and natural response was saying in Spanish “Esta chica está loca.” What I didn’t know was that Linda was also proficient in Spanish and had perfectly understood my first reaction. She smartly responded to us that if we wanted to see more success business cases in Argentina, we had to give to others the opportunity we were given ourselves to develop an idea. That punch line of hers was strong enough to convince us to jump in.

Entrepreneurial spirit has always been a driving force behind business decisions we made inside our company, so supporting a platform like Endeavor — which allows others with that same passion to innovate to make new and bigger businesses impacting in our local economies — was and still is a natural decision.

When a company is built with entrepreneurial passion, it’s a major challenge to keep that spirit throughout the corporate life of the endeavor, especially when that start up becomes a grown up established company.

Being in constant contact with young entrepreneurs thanks to Endeavor was our secret recipe to keep the spirit to innovate and take risks inside our organization, even when our company had become already an “adult institution.”

Moreover, during the Argentine crisis in 2001, meeting two thousand young people at an Endeavor Conference gave me the strength needed to save the Company and “seek for financing” like an entrepreneur.

For us is truly an honor to be part of a network of people who had and keeps having a tremendous impact in the Argentine economy by supporting young businesses people who are creating wealth, jobs, innovation and fiscal revenues for the State, among others.

The growth of Endeavor Argentina has taken the institution to advocate a new bill that was recently passed in Congress and which helps entrepreneurial companies in the country. The sense of being able to multiplicate Endeavor’s mission statement in such a national way generates a true sense of pride.

20 years later I still thank that Linda understood Spanish and that she had the audacity to make from that and other of her experiences in Endeavor a full entrepreneurial concept book called “Crazy is a compliment”.

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