Eduardo Bontempo

Eduardo Bontempo

Geekie was born out of my understanding that education has the potential to change social and economic realities — a fact the Brazilian statistics had already showed, but also that my own life experience taught me.

My grandparents are Italian and came to Brazil running from economic crisis. They started their lives here as shoe makers, the profession they had learned in Italy, but the Brazilian market was not optimistic and, soon, they went bankrupt. Their situation of subsistence only changed after my father finished college, becoming the first in his family to do so. That courage was what changed the course not only of my grandparents’ lives, but also the opportunities I would be provided with, making me an exception to statistics: in Brazil, around 60% of the population stays in the same level of poverty for over two generations, according to the UN.

Because of that history, I have always recognized and valued the opportunities that I was given, such as going to good schools; however, the more I became successful in my career, the more I felt bad for being part of a very exclusive, privileged group of people. It was beyond empathy, I knew the feeling of a “safe future” was illusory even for my own family. The lack of opportunities to other young people does not only affect my country’s development, it also puts my own safety and my family’s at risk. Here, 51% of young criminals do not attend school and 66% of them live in families considered extremely poor.
That upsetting feeling, along with the lack of purpose in my career in the financial market and the tools and abilities I had acquired led me to the possibility of playing an active part in changing this reality.

Endeavor helped us think beyond our solution and develop methodologies and processes that allow us to increase our performance level. It was through Endeavor that we managed to find shortcuts to Geekie’s numerous growth and structuring challenges. I believe that being part of this network is mainly about building relationships and learning.

At Geekie, we know impact in different ways: social impact, structural and systemic impact. I believe that all these are ways of making an impact on the world and on people through our actions.

In five years, Geekie reached 99.8% of Brazilian counties, in both private and public schools. A recent study showed that the students who used all of the features of our app had a increase of 72 points in their grade over the year. This difference is similar to the historical gap between public and private school students. Furthermore, those who used the personalized study plan had a increase in their performance five times higher than those who didn’t.

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