Davide Dattoli

Davide Dattoli

While working at Condé Nast, digital marketing enthusiast Davide Dattoli and his friends agreed they needed a shared working space, where they would not only be able to work side-by-side but also share creative ideas. Born out of these casual conversations, Talent Garden was launched as a network of coworking spaces—the first company of its kind in Italy.

Though founded at first as a side project, Talent Garden quickly took off, and Davide left his job to pursue the venture full time. At its heart, Talent Garden is a company for entrepreneurs.

“Having an impact as an entrepreneur means helping other people to succeed in their own work, creating an environment that stimulates innovation and creativity,” Davide said.

As Talent Garden has grown, Davide has looked to Endeavor’s global network to connect with mentors, as well as other entrepreneurs—many of whom seek workspaces like those Talent Garden provides. The first company selected by Endeavor Italy, Talent Garden also became Endeavor Catalyst’s first investment in Italy with Davide’s invitation to participate in the company’s Series B round.

“Our core philosophy is based on fostering innovation, embracing diversity, and tapping into the creative potential that is the lifeblood of the startup and the freelance economy. We are scaling to help digital talents achieve their potential and enter new markets, with ambitious growth aspirations akin to the likes of Endeavor.”


Photo by Kieran Kesner for Endeavor

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