Daniel Castello

Daniel Castello

As a consultant, I was invited in 2009 to assist in the Strategic Planning of an Endeavor company called Bencorp here in Sao Paulo. It was a great experience, and I was impressed with the amount of different inteligence resources that were available to them. This made me very curious about the organization, and I started to get more involved over time.

In time I started to contribute with Endeavor as a mentor and as a guest writer for the website. Then I worked with the Brazil team on their eBooks and eLearnings, and it became one of my favorite Endeavor moments to date. It was so challenging! It was the first time I had ever worked on something like that, and the result is something that makes me proud to this day.

Today Endeavor has become an important part of my life. Working with the organization as a mentor gives me meaning and the sense of contributing with something special, greater than me, something worthy of my best time and best effort. I love Endeavor. It’s become an essential part of my life.

Endeavor gave me a space where I can contribute to the world with the best resources I have in me. It’s a space of honor, of greatness. I feel better and more relevant to the world by being a part of the Endeavor network. I see Endeavor as the hub of knowledge and connections for the companies that will transform our world in a better place for all of us to live in.

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