Claudio Sassaki

Claudio Sassaki

My first major dilemma with traditional education came up when I had to find a school for my eldest daughter, Yasmin. During this search I realized that there was a gap in Brazilian education: how could I find a single school that would value my four children individually, allowing them to learn at their own pace and according to their interests and challenges? These thoughts inspired me to create Geekie along with my partner Eduardo Bontempo.

Being part of the Endeavor network helped our company reach another level. Endeavor has a lot of credibility amongst entrepreneurs, and the connections we create through it are rich and enable us to solve business challenges with the support of professionals with huge expertise. Geekie was born with the mission to make a meaningful impact, but we are aiming even further and our goal is to disrupt the market, changing the mindset adopted by every spheres when we talk about education.

In five years, Geekie has reached 99.8% of Brazilian counties, in both private and public schools. A recent study showed that the students who used all of the features of our app had a increase of 72 points in their grade over the year. This difference is similar to the historical gap between public and private school students. Furthermore, those who used the personalized study plan had a increase in their performance five times higher than those who didn’t.

Being a leader in my community is directly related to bringing visibility to the cause of education. Building a successful company is not enough. For us, the impact of doing it is equally important.


Photo by Kieran Kesner for Endeavor

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