Cecilia Riviello

Cecilia Riviello

It was 2004. When I arrived at midnight at JFK airport in New York, an extraordinary gentlemen offered me a ride to my hotel. He was Pedro Aspe, former treasury secretary of Mexico.

During the ride something special happened, I found out that Pedro not only knew my father, who has recently passed away, but also they used to be close and had a special admiration between them. At that moment, I also felt close to Pedro, and some weeks later when we sat down, I knew he would give me an answer to what I was looking for: How can I really contribute to my country development?

His passion and commitment introduced me to Endeavor.

Since then, as mentor I have participated in mentoring, local and international selection panels, boards, meetings, networking events, gala nights, and more. The magical world if entrepreneurship gave me a different perspective from my country’s economy.

Some of my greatest learnings have come from passionate, energized, happy, risky and extraordinary people.I considered myself blessed to have the opportunity to inspire others and contribute to my country’s development. The hours I’ve invested, few or many, have being more than worthy.

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