Atul Joshi

Atul Joshi

I heard about Endeavor in 2001, and soon after showed up at the Buenos Aires office offering to work for free as an intern while I was studying abroad as a Junior in college. I became actively involved in the search and selection process, built a database system to organize the process and reporting, and was invited down by the managing director of the Argentina office to attend my first selection panel, where I met Linda and gained a deeper appreciation for the broader vision. I later worked with Endeavor in a similar capacity in Mexico City as part of my Fulbright scholarship in 2004. More recently, I have reconnected with Endeavor as a mentor.

Endeavor has impacted me in profound ways. I returned to Argentina in the summer of 2002 and had a chance to interview Endeavor entrepreneurs on the topic of corporate social responsibility. It was remarkable to learn about how they were confronting uncertainty amid a major economic crisis, all the while adhering to a set of socially responsible norms. It was then that I realized just how powerful the selection process at Endeavor was and how important it was to maintain high standards.

Later on, as an investor, I have come to appreciate the great many stories behind the entrepreneurs that are a part of the Endeavor network. It is also awe-inspiring to look back on my first interaction with Endeavor in 2001 and see how the “startup” has turned into a global force. I’m reminded of that in my day job as I invest in and help build companies that will have a lasting impact on society.

Since reconnecting with the network, I am enjoying the vibrancy of the community and the personal fulfillment that comes from helping entrepreneurs as a mentor. Twenty years into its journey, Endeavor continues to create innovative pathways for visionaries to realize their dreams, by bringing to bear its vast network of professionals, financial and other resources, and best practices to support great ideas and great individuals as they work to make a lasting impact on society.

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