Alexandra Llosa

Alexandra Llosa

I became an entrepreneur, because I felt that I didn’t want to do marketing for products I didn’t believe in. Not only because of the lack of magic and connection I feel with products I don’t love (like selling refrigerators), but because of the focus in the profit that I used to feel in the Corporate World instead of the WHY. I worked in retail for years but had too many ideas to develop that nobody believed in or were not willing to try. I love to try and challenge myself.

With Grupo KO, I’m creating a new vision of life for many people: letting people discover a new life based on our four pillars for wellness. Improving peoples lifestyles by educating them about wellness, balance for the body, mind and soul. Proposing and coaching for a change from the inside out. Giving job opportunities, letting people change their lifestyles and lives.

Being part of the Endeavor network changed us completely. Endeavor made us think we could be huge. We were thinking about 10M and they let us think why not 100M? Endeavor made us dream big seriously and we are very thankful for that. We want to really impact the most people in the planet, we love what we do, every day, every class, every email, everything that touches people and makes them feel better with themselves and lives! We’ve there are no limits but you have to have the right plan and follow up. That the best way to grow is working hard, looking for good advice, hearing people that have been through the same, learning about the big top brands, reading a lot, learning from mistakes and reseting and thinking big.

We want to build a huge global community around our KO philosophy, to empower individuals and organizations to make a significant difference in the quality of their lives.

Today, I feel proud of having believed in my WHY. Of having put all my energy in creating the present, for having believed so much in what I was proposing as it was real. I feel proud of not having let the problems get in my way and believed in myself!

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