Ahmed Ozalp

Ahmed Ozalp

I was approached in 2008 by the then nascent Endeavor Egypt team to become a mentor. At the time, I was co-leading investment banking at Beltone Financial, and the opportunity to share my some of my knowledge and experience with up and coming entrepreneurs appealed to me. I remain involved because, through Endeavor, I continue to be able to support the amazing ideas and tremendous efforts of the dedicated entrepreneurs that come through the Endeavor network. I am proud to be a small part of their success.

Endeavor has had a tremendous impact on me, beyond anything I expected. I have met some wonderful people, including entrepreneurs, Endeavor team members, as well as other mentors. Through them I have learned a lot, across a broad range of industries and specializations. Being part of the Endeavor network has been extremely valuable. It has expanded my personal network, enhanced my knowledge and enabled me to contribute to the success of others.

I hope that Endeavor will continue to expand in scope and scale. I believe that world is at a critical juncture with a myriad of problems that threaten global peace and security, including climate change and income inequality. I believe the solution to these issues lies in socially conscious entrepreneurship of the sort that Endeavor has excelled in identifying, promoting and developing.

One of my favorite success stories in the Endeavor network is that of Amr Shady, founder of TA Telecom. I first met him when he was identified as a candidate, and I had the pleasure and honor of mentoring him. I then was able to witness his development and success, first by becoming a Endeavor Entrepreneur, then becoming a mentor himself and finally an Endeavor Egypt board member. All the while he was able to expand and enhance his business on the back of his dedication and acumen, but also, I believe, because he was able to leverage the full benefit of the Endeavor network. I believe he is an example of the best that Endeavor has to offer, as an entrepreneur, mentor and member of the Endeavor team.

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